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01 January 2014 / by Ashley Freeman

How to Create A Great Workplace

Have a look around your workplace. Is it a visual representation of your organisation? Is it an inspiring and motivating place to work? A workplace is much more than just four walls, computers, desks and a coffee machine. It’s the place where all the magic happens, or could happen, if you create a creative, innovative […]

12 December 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

What Does A Change Champion Look Like?

So you have a clear vision of the positive change you want to see in your organisation. The question is: How do I implement that change? More often than not, its not enough that you know what change you want to see. Preaching it from the alter will probably fall on deaf ears too. You […]

11 November 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Creating a Fertile Environment For Innovation

“Innovation as usual…”  Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg Innovation is the difference. Innovation is the single common denominator of all the top companies in the world. It is an essential component of a competitive and productive organisation, and of a highly energized, motivated and engaged workforce. Innovation has become a business imperative. And yet, frustratingly […]

06 June 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Do You Encourage a Culture of Innovation?

As an employer it’s natural to want to minimise risk. Why go with a new, risky idea if you have a safe, predictable alternative?   If survival is your primary concern, then yes, play it safe. However, if you want your organisation to progress, expand and lead the way, you need to innovate.   So, […]