The Magical Instant Engagement Wand

13 September 2019 / by admin

Look out for our latest Brand Marketing drive, which could be landing on a desk near you very soon.

Safely locked inside this cryptic book-safe is the lesser spotted, highly sought after magical instant engagement wand! With one swift swoosh of the wand, accompanied by the words “Expecto Engageum”, your colleagues will be championing you and your customers will be cheering about you!

Ahhh, wouldn’t life be easier if such a wand actually existed?!?!

Some of our clients have recently asked us to create ‘Escape Room’ type experiences as part of their projects, which inspired us to create this challenge and send it out to our clients and friends. If we can engage them for a couple of minutes with this puzzle, just imagine what we can do with their next event!

We’ve spent over 20 years uncovering the secrets of delivering powerful conferences and events that humanise business, energise culture and mobilise people.

Our work isn’t quite as instant as a magic wand, but we can help create equally dramatic results and have fun at the same time.

If you didn’t receive one of these puzzles and would like to give it a go, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get one sent out to you.