INVOLVE Presents The ‘How Not To’ Guide to Working From Home!

Inspired by the adult Ladybird books, INVOLVE has crafted it’s very own Mockingbird ‘How Not To’ Series. This particular e-book shines a light on kind of things not to do when Working From Home. It’s intended to help readers of all ages rapidly gain apparent mastery of hard-to-deliver business subjects. This is a work of fiction […]

Using Wearable Technology To Improve Your Event

What INVOLVE was recently asked by one of the worlds largest healthcare companies to design a 1-day event for all of their UK HQ based employees (circa 200 employees). Why The brief was to create a live experience that galvanised every employee around a shared purpose, and created excitement about the next chapter of the […]

The Magical Instant Engagement Wand

Look out for our latest Brand Marketing drive, which could be landing on a desk near you very soon. Safely locked inside this cryptic book-safe is the lesser spotted, highly sought after magical instant engagement wand! With one swift swoosh of the wand, accompanied by the words “Expecto Engageum”, your colleagues will be championing you […]

C&IT Case Study: Our Virgin Trains Project

Hot on the heals of last months guru guest block by Jack (Roper) from VTEC, was a featured article by C&IT commenting on the event that we ran for the Virgin business. All the details are here in the article but perhaps this client testimonial sums it up best: “Wow! I thought yesterday was amazing. […]

Jack Roper – Cultural Change at Virgin Trains East Coast

A little context… I’ve been Head of Internal Communications at Virgin Trains East Coast for the last couple of years. It’s one of the newest members of the Virgin family (already a pretty eclectic bunch – bank, airline, media, balloons, etc!). It’s also a business with a long history in its own right. The East […]

Lindsay Devereux, Landing Messages at Cathay Pacific

Take off Last year I decided I needed a new challenge and embarked on a whirlwind adventure which took me to a new country, saw me gain a new surname (not due to any criminal activity or witness protection program I promise) and take on the challenge of a new role. If all that wasn’t […]

Katharina Auer, Measuring Engagement, Zurich Insurance

To set some context Zurich as a business has an incredible heritage – we are 135 years young and have around 55,000 employees worldwide. It is these employees who are at the heart of our success. As a business we have extremely ambitious targets for service excellence and growth. In order to help achieve these […]

INVOLVE Presents, The Mockingbird Book of The Conference!

Inspired by the adult Ladybird books, INVOLVE has crafted their very own Mockingbird ‘How Not To’ Series. This particular e-book is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek take on how not to run a company conference. It’s intended to help readers of all ages rapidly gain apparent mastery of hard-to-deliver business subjects. This is a work of fiction based on […]

Is There Any Value In Values?

Whether you see them as the critical foundation of what a company stands for or a pointless credo created by consultants, corporate values are here to stay. But are they really worthwhile? Read our report to find out more.

What Do People Do All Day?

A question we’ve all asked ourselves hundreds of times I’m sure! Well in case you weren’t sure, and more importantly would like to know more about the benefits of employee engagement, then look no further. Just check out this cool animation we’ve produced that answers all those questions and more. We find it to be […]

How to brew the perfect managers conference

It is often said that most conferences and events are about as useful as a chocolate teapot! The opportunity of bringing together your most valuable people comes around all too rarely, so if you’re making that investment, why not deliver a tangible business improving experience? View our top tips on how to brew the perfect […]

The Essential List of Corporate Jargon

Download our ‘best of breed’ list of corporate jargon waffle. These words are guaranteed to disengage and confuse you employees from morning until ‘close of play’. And that’s ‘the bottom line’.

Empower and Inspire the Right People and They Will Excel

In case you missed it, INVOLVE was recently interviewed for a supplement in The Times that was discussing the impact that effective employee engagement can have on a businesses bottom line. There’re some great statistics and evidence, and look out for the 7 simple tips at the end on how to create an elite squad of motivated over-performers.


Managing Directors Log – Earth date 04 08 2015…..

“We should practice what we preach, right?” I always tell clients we try our hardest to do so. There’s no way we can advise the world’s leading organisations on how to motivate, engage and mobilise their people if our own team of 30 aren’t. I’ve just had an experience at my office with my own […]

Involve Brand Engagement

Amazing Surprise for the World’s Most Loved CEO

CEO Mark Sebba thought he was just turning up to another ordinary day at work. However our client asked us to create this incredible surprise and tribute to say “thank you” for 11 years of having him at the helm. He may be the boss, but they clearly love him to bits! Click here to […]

Engagement vs Involvement: What’s the Difference?

‘Employee engagement’ has long been used as an umbrella term to describe the connection between a company’s employees and its vision, goals and objectives. The problem with it, and the reason that nearly 70% of change programmes fail, is that it’s passive and promotes a top down, prescriptive approach to communication.