How To Deliver A High Impact Presentation

Got a big presentation coming up? Having to deliver a keynote speech in front of large group of demanding onlookers? Want to know how you can deliver your message with even greater impact? Now, more than ever, you need to be at the very top of your game as a presenter. Are you? Here are […]

INVOLVE Presents, The Mockingbird Book of The Conference!

This “How Not To” Series is intended to help readers of all ages rapidly gain apparent mastery of hard-to-deliver business subjects. This is a work of fiction based on as many true events as we could get away with. Any resemblance to actual persons, places, businesses or events is purely fortuitous. No employees were harmed […]

Is There Any Value In Values?

Whether you see them as the critical foundation of what a company stands for or a pointless credo created by consultants, corporate values are here to stay. But are they really worthwhile? Read our report to find out more.

Are brands delivering on their promise, both inside and out?

A brand’s promise is about building relevant and valuable experiences for consumers – those that create a true impression of what a company stands for. In practice, it’s about delivering on what you say you’ll do, time and time again. When promises are broken it takes years to earn back trust.

Does engagement work? You bet it does…

The rise of online and mobile gaming channels have changed betting forever. Traditional bookies were in danger of being left behind but Ladbrokes – who had been edged out of their number one position in the UK market – decided to fight back, using the passion, attitude and behaviours of their employees. This recent article […]

What Do People Do All Day?

A question we’ve all asked ourselves hundreds of times I’m sure! Well in case you weren’t sure, and more importantly would like to know more about the benefits of employee engagement, then look no further. Just check out this cool animation we’ve produced that answers all those questions and more. We find it to be […]

Are CEOs Losing Faith In Internal Events?

How do we generate more commitment and belief in internal events? What’s the future for the internal events market without the support of the ultimate decision-makers in UK corporates? Only 51% of directors we interviewed said they thought CEOs believed internal events were an investment rather than an overhead.

Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications

Download this free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Internal Communications, co-created by leading practitioners at a recent Melcrum event. Critics are saying: “Everything you ever wanted to know about IC, packed with punchy examples, witty anecdotes and budget busting ideas!”

Maximising Strategic Impact in a World of Limited Resources

Take a look at this infographic that gives an indication of the internal comms channels you should be investing in for 2013. It should hopefully serve as a good indicator of where we should all be placing our bets.

Creating Gamesmakers

Wondering how you can create games makers in your business? We were totally blown away by the impact that the volunteers had on The Games. Although the spotlight was on the athletes, Seb Coe was right to recognise that it was the volunteers that truly lit up The Olympics. Imagine if you could recreate that […]

How to brew the perfect managers conference

It is often said that most conferences and events are about as useful as a chocolate teapot! The opportunity of bringing together your most valuable people comes around all too rarely, so if you’re making that investment, why not deliver a tangible business improving experience? View our top tips on how to brew the perfect […]

The Blossometer; cultivating growth and impact

What should you measure to gauge the effectiveness of your communication programmes and activities? What’s the business impact you’re looking to create? How do you make it happen? …Just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when planning to drive business performance through engaging and communicating with your people. Introducing the ‘Blossometer’  – […]

The Essential List of Corporate Jargon Words

Download our ‘best of breed’ list of corporate jargon waffle. These words are guaranteed to disengage and confuse you employees from morning until ‘close of play’. And that’s ‘the bottom line’.

Empower and Inspire the Right People and They Will Excel

In case you missed it, INVOLVE was recently interviewed for a supplement in The Times that was discussing the impact that effective employee engagement can have on a businesses bottom line. There’re some great statistics and evidence, and look out for the 7 simple tips at the end on how to create an elite squad of motivated over-performers.