Using Wearable Technology To Improve Your Event

5 March 2019 / by admin


INVOLVE was recently asked by one of the worlds largest healthcare companies to design a 1-day event for all of their UK HQ based employees (circa 200 employees).


The brief was to create a live experience that galvanised every employee around a shared purpose, and created excitement about the next chapter of the business.

It was also important to share each of the key business functions priorities and challenges, and increase collaboration throughout the whole group; reflecting the companies ambitions for a new way of working.


In one main room, INVOLVE created 11 distinct zones (circling a central stage) that brought to life each of the 11 main business functions. Each zone got colleagues involved (co-creation and collaboration) by getting their input into each functions’ main business challenge. Each session was fast paced, fun and focused on real business ideas and outcomes.

Prior to the event, we put every employee into pre-defined colour coded teams. Then, using Crystal Interactive smart wearable tech, we managed every participants experience through that colour coding. Quite simply, each of the stands had a unique colour identifier.  So as an attendee, if your watch started to flash that stands colour, it was time to move to your next session.

The watches were a big hit. They not only added a bit of tech wow factor, but genuinely made the whole event more effective. Underpinned by a gamified event app, colleagues were incentivised to use the Klik watches to Connect with each other, Collect further information about each function via iBeacons, and Compete to earn the most amount of points.  A live leaderboard continuously updated and the final top 3 performers received prizes.

Further info about the wearable’s and app can be found here via Crystal Interactive’s website.

And what Now?

Contact us if you’d like to know more about this event or have any questions about how to make your next live event more collaborative and involving.