"The Bootcamps have redefined how leadership development is delivered here at Arla; INVOLVE has been the most fantastic partner on this journey!" Head of Global Leadership Development
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Arla Foods, one of the largest farmer-owned cooperatives in the world, recognised that its leadership development portfolio needed refreshing, so that it reconnects Leaders with the ‘real’ business of Arla.

The Challenge

Arla Leaders work in a fast paced, consumer-driven environment with an emphasis on quality, safety, and innovation. Additionally, significant external pressures faced within food manufacturing mean that strong leadership and culture are now more important than ever before.

Arla’s leadership development team needed to prioritise getting development to more leaders and faster, whilst linking it to business strategy, values and behaviours.

They set out to evolve the entire development programme, to engage and revitalise leaders at a larger scale with greater impact.

The Solution

At the heart of this refreshed Leadership Development portfolio is the ALP26 Bootcamp; a 100% immersive experience for 100 Arla Leaders at a time, that brings to life and increases their knowledge of the Arla’s leadership competencies, and what ‘Good’ leadership is at Arla.

INVOLVE designed, produced and facilitated a unique mix of activities and dilemmas, designed to challenge and put Leaders’ personal, team and organisational skills to the test, while also creating the opportunity for them to re-build the cross-functional leadership network.

Day 1 of the Bootcamp explores all of the competencies and includes time for debriefing, self-reflection and personalisation.

Day 2 focuses on Leaders consolidating learning and making the commitment to visibly dial-up the leadership competencies in their role.

Highlights of the Bootcamp include;

  • An 'Escape Room' style experience where teams race against the clock to solve complex puzzles

  • Audio 'playlets' on silent disco headsets that feature ‘real-life' Arla situations

  • Teams working together in a real TV studio to shoot videos to engage other Arla Leaders

  • An 'aerobic', physical set of challenges that demand advanced teamwork

  • Leaders co-creating motivational and self-development tools which are distributed to the wider organisation

The Results

Bootcamp participants are asked the same 3 ‘impact’ questions pre- and post-Bootcamp. The average post-event impact score across all 3 questions is 8.5 (out of 10), equalling an average shift of +21% across all 3.

Using the trusted NPS format, after every Bootcamp attendees are asked how much they would recommend the event to colleagues. The eNPS target for each Bootcamp is 50, and the current average score across all Bootcamps is 72. INVOLVE are measured against their ability to meet or exceed the target.

Finally, the Bootcamp has been recognised as industry leading and been shortlisted by the Engage Awards for Best Use of Training for Employee Engagement….watch this space.

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