“Thanks to the imagination of INVOLVE, we have delivered a truly remarkable set of experiences. Our managers are energised and equipped to succeed.” Head of Colleague Engagement
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In response to global changes in aviation, BA embarked on its most ambitious investment and change programme ever. It was vital to reconnect with and re-motivate all 40,000+ colleagues.

The Challenge

INVOLVE’s challenge was to enable and equip 3,500 People Managers to involve their teams and get every employee fully behind BA’s new ‘Story’, able to tell it and understand their part in building the next chapter, whatever their role, location and physical environment.

The Solution

Here’s how we helped:

  • Simple Narrative: Turn BA’s 100-year story with all its highs and lows into a simple, motivating narrative on a page. 6 simple chapters that recognise the journey everyone has been on and explain how exciting the future is.

  • Create Collateral: A series of punchy videos (created by BA in-house team) and visuals unlike any of the old corporate vanilla material. Signal a new era and Make colleagues centre-stage.

  • Activation Events: Half Day events within Twickenham Stadium for 3000+ managers. Each ‘chapter’ of the Story was bought to life in a different emotional, involving experience. The energy, fun and creativity signalled a new approach to colleagues from BA.

  • Experiences included an Escape Room, covering a scale model of an A380 with colleague output, a 3D digital Best of British gallery built live as colleagues brainstormed, a gameshow and a rap written and performed by Jmal.

  • Manager Toolkits: Something for every manager to use, whatever their situation/preference, anywhere in the world, from meeting room to off-line in a broom cupboard. Each chapter of the story has its own analogue tool, and there is also a digital ‘game’ version designed for managers BA-issued iPads.

  • Integration with L&D: Part of the investment in colleagues is a customer service day for every employee, which INVOLVE has co-created with the L&D team at BA, applying involvement principles and the style of the activation events. Colleagues first day working at BA is also now a fully immersive experience, which involves them in the narrative in the same way.

The Results

A frenzy of positive activity across BA and a transformation in the way the organisation communicates with colleagues.

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