"The most powerful engagement activity we have ever run. You can see and feel that change is in the air!” UK CEO
Strategy Activation - BOC - 'Reimagine Tomorrow' Engagement Programme


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To modernise and grow the business, BOC recognised that radical change was needed. A new CEO came on board to help develop and deploy a new strategy called ‘Reimagine Tomorrow’, underpinned by a need to embrace technology and deliver rapid improvements to customers and consumers. 

The Challenge

INVOLVE’s challenge was to create a cohesive, all employee engagement framework, itself ‘re-imagined’ from previous programmes, to help activate the new strategy by getting every employee involved in it, owning it and delivering it.

As well as developing a powerful, believable narrative to sell the change that was needed, it had to demonstrate the future and get everyone excited by it, make the change real for people.

The Solution

From the outset, it was agreed that a long-term Involvement Programme was needed; not a one off engagement ‘Campaign’.

This meant finding ways for people to contribute and take ownership for driving real change in their own parts of BOC, not just giving general support for the programme.

We had to ensure that Leaders were fully aligned and committed – it was vital that the most senior layer of the organisation had the same vision of what success looks like, and were committed to the priorities, time and resources required.

However, a key priority for the programme was ‘Reimagining’ the role of the People Manager, and explicitly equipping them with the skills and tools to involve their local teams.

Key activities for the programme included:

  • 4 simultaneous Breakthrough Zones across a range of UK business units, to help prove the Reimagine business case, provide powerful evidence and tangible stories

  • Top 180 Senior Leaders event, to help cement alignment and commitment to the new strategy, and also train them on how to talk about it with colleagues

  • Trained an army of 1500 People Managers to run and facilitate a Reimagine involvement session. This was a competitive discussion using a giant table mat and materials. A 30 minute, 50 minute and 4 hour version was designed

The Results

Over the first 9 months, 90% of employees participated in at least one of the People Manager sessions – an unprecedented uptake.

Twelve months on, record employee engagement survey scores and a positive shift with the ENPS demonstrated that the programme had been truly effective.

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