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  1. INVOLVE is Recruiting

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    New year, new job?

    We’re looking for a new Business Development Executive to join our sales and marketing team, to help us set new business appointments with Senior Managers and Directors of leading businesses and brands.

    If you’ve found this posting on our website then you’ve already demonstrated some of the attitude and skills that we’re looking for, so we’d love to hear from you.

    Take a look at the job posting here on LinkedIn, and if you think this is the role for you then please get in touch.

  2. New Year’s Puzzle

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    This image was on the front of a Happy New Year card that we recently sent to all of our clients.

    In contains, albeit in a very abstract and metaphorical way, each and every one of the companies that we worked with in 2014. For example, the swarm of bees in the bottom right hand corner, shaped like the letter P, are of course BP!

    Print it, share it, or get in touch if you want to know the answers.