C&IT Case Study: Our Virgin Trains Project

19 January 2018 / by admin

Hot on the heals of last months guru guest block by Jack (Roper) from VTEC, was a featured article by C&IT commenting on the event that we ran for the Virgin business.

All the details are here in the article but perhaps this client testimonial sums it up best:

“Wow! I thought yesterday was amazing. I had such nerves around the final session but people surpassed my expectations and then some.

Thank you so much for your endless positivity, your exceptional creativity and tirelessly keeping me to deadlines and a healthy to do list! It has been an ABSOLUTE pleasure and a well needed breath of fresh air working with an agency like INVOLVE. Not only did Ash wow us with the ideas in the early days, you delivered on every single one of your promises too.”

Read the article here at C&IT’s website.