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  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Applied To Involvement

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    Having stumbled across a version of Maslow’s pyramid that plotted an employees workplace engagement needs, we thought it would be interesting to create involved descriptions too.

    Where would you plot yourself? How about the rest of your organisation? Too many “Passengers” and not enough “Potentials”?


    INVOLVED (Self Actualisation = high performing)

    • I take full ownership for helping my company to perform at its best
    • I’m an enthusiastic ambassador and champion of my company’s vision and values
    • I push myself to reach my full potential and inspire others to do the same


    ENGAGED (Status = making most of relationships, respect)

    • I’m valued and respected by the business and take pride in what I do
    • I know what doing a good job looks like
    • I enjoy work, though wouldn’t pass up another job offer


    POTENTIALS (Social = sense of belonging, interaction)

    • I understand What to do and Why, but haven’t been asked How
    • I understand the company’s ambitions but am unsure of my role
    • I’ve developed good team relationships but am not developing professionally


    PASSENGERS (Security = safety of body, health, career)

    • I don’t like my job, but I get on with it satisfactorily
    • I know what doing a good job looks like but plod along
    • I have no great loyalty to my manager or my team but don’t want to rock the boat


    SABOTEURS (Survivor = cave man)

    • I take an active disinterest in the company and prioritise my own needs
    • My company doesn’t value me and I hate working here
    • I’m looking to take the money and run


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