How to Create A Great Workplace

16 January 2014 / by Ashley Freeman

Have a look around your workplace. Is it a visual representation of your organisation? Is it an inspiring and motivating place to work?

A workplace is much more than just four walls, computers, desks and a coffee machine. It’s the place where all the magic happens, or could happen, if you create a creative, innovative and collaborative space.

At the core of any great workplace is a culture. You have hopefully already established what your company culture is, and communicated that to your team. Is your workplace a fertile breeding ground for it? Or is it preventing the kind of creativity and expression that you strive for?


Getting Started


Creating a great workplace is not just about bricks and mortar, pool tables or basketball hoops. Equally, creating the right atmosphere is not just about the feng-shui of your desks and chairs, or whether your workplace is open-plan or divided into booths.

The creation of a motivating and inspiring workplace starts with what goes on in it.  If you provide the leadership, guidance and inspiration to make your employees feel fully involved – and give them the freedom to create a workplace that facilitates this – your workplace will create itself.

In this case, the leader’s job is merely to lay the foundation, sow the seeds of a great workplace, and then hope that you have chosen the right people and created the right environment for the seeds to grow. Crucially, you’ll need to be flexible enough to try a few things, throw some ideas out there and see how they play out.

A great workplace is intrinsically linked to the goals and ethos of the organisation and fosters collaboration, productivity and motivation, but it must also allow for individual expression and success.

Have another look around. Does this sound like your office? If not, maybe it’s time to make some changes.

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