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  1. Any value in Values?

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    It’s interesting how we see trends in the types of briefs we receive, and at the moment there seems to be a movement towards the importance of corporate values, and how they can be used to differentiate businesses and reinvigorate employees.

    Whether you see them as the foundation of what a company really stands for or a pointless credo created by consultants to line their pockets, corporate values are here to stay. But are they really worthwhile?

    Those values that are authentic, meaningful and reinforced by everyday behaviour – and communication – have the potential to align and unify a workforce. But a checklist of flowery statements without consistent action to back them up will fool no one. Whether you are reinforcing your existing culture or trying to improve it, values are not a quick fix; you’ve got to be in it for the long haul. If you want to get value out of your values, and keep the bull***t alarm silent, keep them real, be persistent and remember it’s about actions, not words.