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  1. Fujitsu – Winning the Right Way, Future Leaders Survey

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    Fujitsu, the global technology provider, has an ongoing commitment to responsible business practice. Their efforts were recognised in 2015, when they were named Responsible Business of the Year at Business in the Community’s (BITC) Responsible Business Awards.

    Involvement Solution

    Building on this success, Fujitsu asked INVOLVE to help design and develop an online survey that would invite future leaders and graduates to think about and comment on what a responsible business means to them.

    Based on questions drafted by Fujitsu’s future leaders, INVOLVE created an engaging survey which takes the recipient on a visual, interactive journey, starting in a bleak and irresponsible landscape, and building up to and finishing with a bright and responsible outlook.

    Fujitsu and Business in the Community will be hosting a gala dinner in July to explore further what it means to be a responsible business using the data collated from the survey.

    Click here to view the survey. Please feel free to send this survey around to your colleagues under 25.