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  1. Cascade Tools : A few principles

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    We’ve received quite a few briefs recently for creating cascade tools to help managers communicate key messages to their teams, and I’ve also seen a few discussions on LinkedIn about the same thing, so it compelled me to add this to our blog.


    There’s never a one-size-fits-all when designing these kinds of tools, but there are a few principles that are worth considering. Here are mine:


    1. Get your leaders bought-in and aligned behind the key messages

    2. Be clear on your objectives and cross reference them throughout the planning and delivery

    3. Keep the overall message simple, regardless of the audience

    4. Choose the right channels and medium for your business

    5. Bottom up not top down – involve line managers asap to get their input and buy-in

    6. Ask employees to step forward and volunteer as champions

    7. Use face-to-face as it’s the most effective way to increase understanding, belief and commitment

    8. Make the cascade process competitive and give it exposure in the business

    9. Recognise success

    10. Demonstrate ROI back to the business