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12 December 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

How Social Media Can Increase the ROI of Your Conference

Conferences are a big investment. To ensure a return on that investment, maximising audience engagement and the reach of your event are crucial.  They’re the difference between a worthwhile conference, and a flop. Regular and targeted content and social media activity can help to create a buzz around your conference, drive greater engagement and extend […]

10 October 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Promoting Digital Collaboration in Your Team

In an increasingly connected and mobile world, digital is now the most effective and efficient way to encourage collaboration and creative exchange within your workforce. There has been a lot of buzz online recently surrounding Gary Hamel’s rallying cry for freedom in digital collaboration and digital autonomy in the workplace. Without freedom, there will be […]

06 June 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Measuring Office Influence: Is it a Good Idea?

A few weeks ago we published an article that looked at Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) and their attempts to measure employee sentiment.   In an increasingly digital world, algorithms, big data and online metrics are going to have an increasing influence on the ways companies are run.   The most recent announcement – again from […]