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12 December 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Business Imperatives – Trust, Honesty and Integrity

Trust is everything. Despite what some business manuals may tell you about the hard sell, honesty and integrity are much more powerful for establishing and maintaining a customer base than using persuasion, smoke and mirrors. Long-term business relationships between your organisation and your customers must be built on a culture of trust. Here are our […]

12 December 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

What Does A Change Champion Look Like?

So you have a clear vision of the positive change you want to see in your organisation. The question is: How do I implement that change? More often than not, its not enough that you know what change you want to see. Preaching it from the alter will probably fall on deaf ears too. You […]

11 November 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Bridging The Gap Between An Idea And Reality

 “Ideas are dime a dozen. People who implement them are priceless.” Mary Kay Ash Converting an idea into reality can sometimes seem like a gigantic leap of faith into the potentially disastrous unknown. Saying that, great ideas are only made useless without the passion, lateral thinking and ‘let’s just go for it’ needed to implement […]

11 November 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

Creating a Fertile Environment For Innovation

“Innovation as usual…”  Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg Innovation is the difference. Innovation is the single common denominator of all the top companies in the world. It is an essential component of a competitive and productive organisation, and of a highly energized, motivated and engaged workforce. Innovation has become a business imperative. And yet, frustratingly […]

10 October 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

The Manager’s Role

We are often asked ‘who is responsible for creating an involved workforce?’ Though there is no simple answer, you certainly can’t leave all the responsibility with your team. As a manager, you need to play a crucial role if you are going to get your team truly involved. Joan Magretta defines the role of the […]

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