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19 April 2017 / by Ashley Freeman

Management Speak – Removing the BS

Wake Up! I was excited when my alarm radio woke me up earlier this week! The newly appointed People Director of a cool UK organisation was being interviewed within the headline news. He was being asked about the story that his company has been accused of having a bullying culture. I was excited that my […]

8 March 2017 / by admin

Lindsay Devereux, Landing Messages at Cathay Pacific

Take off Last year I decided I needed a new challenge and embarked on a whirlwind adventure which took me to a new country, saw me gain a new surname (not due to any criminal activity or witness protection program I promise) and take on the challenge of a new role. If all that wasn’t […]

4 February 2017 / by admin

Katharina Auer, Measuring Engagement, Zurich Insurance

To set some context Zurich as a business has an incredible heritage – we are 135 years young and have around 55,000 employees worldwide. It is these employees who are at the heart of our success. As a business we have extremely ambitious targets for service excellence and growth. In order to help achieve these […]

3 February 2017 / by Ashley Freeman

Supporting The Anthony Nolan Trust

Why Anthony Nolan Trust? We at INVOLVE are delighted to announce that in 2017, we will be flexing our fundraising muscles to support and partner with The Anthony Nolan Trust. In case you haven’t heard of Anthony Nolan, they are a charity which provides cancer patients with the bone marrow donors that help save lives. […]

3 August 2016 / by Ashley Freeman

What is Brand Involvement?

A Little Context… When embarking on an employee brand engagement exercise and looking for some advice, it is hard to beat Benjamin Franklin’s saying of “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Retail businesses have to be well versed in the need to react and respond to consumer […]

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