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02 February 2017 / by Neil West

Supporting The Anthony Nolan Trust

Why Anthony Nolan Trust? We at INVOLVE are delighted to announce that in 2017, we will be flexing our fundraising muscles to support and partner with The Anthony Nolan Trust. In case you haven’t heard of Anthony Nolan, they are a charity which provides cancer patients with the bone marrow donors that help save lives. […]

08 August 2016 / by Ben Kingsmill

What is Brand Involvement?

A Little Context… When embarking on an employee brand engagement exercise and looking for some advice, it is hard to beat Benjamin Franklin’s saying of “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Retail businesses have to be well versed in the need to react and respond to consumer […]

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08 August 2016 / by Ashley Freeman

Digital Communications Award Nomination

We were over the moon to hear that one of the projects that we’ve been delivering for our client Kellogg’s has been shortlisted by the Digital Communications Awards. It’s a big deal for us as it’s our first foray into the digital communications award space; an area that tends to be reserved for the traditional digital agencies, rather than engagement […]

04 April 2016 / by Ashley Freeman

The Art of Icebreakers

Personally, the idea of participating in an icebreaker at times makes me shudder. The notion of getting to know one’s neighbour by patting them on the back and giving them a high-five can at times feel a little contrived to say the least. But no matter how badly thought out or unoriginal it may be, an icebreaker always seems to be a better alternative to […]

03 March 2016 / by admin

The Mockingbird Book of ‘The Conference’

From the minds of INVOLVE’s greatest thinkers & doers, comes a classic tale of corporate conference gone wrong; a collection of tragically typical conference fails that should be amusingly familiar to anyone who has attended a traditional conference. As an internal communications practitioner you may often find yourself longing for others to understand the trials […]

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