“You absolutely, categorically, with no grey areas nailed it! We cannot thank you enough for your creativity, hard slog and dedication to ‘Successtival’.” Director of UK Communications
Culture Change - GSK - 'Successtival' Sales Conference


Account and Sales reps


Increase in new patients following the product launch


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Following a year of success in a highly regulated industry undergoing huge change, GSK wanted to create an event for their sales colleagues that celebrated and reinforced their winning culture.

The Challenge

GSK wanted to create an event experience that would celebrate their achievements and recognise outstanding performers. But above all, they wanted to create a sense of pride in working for GSK and motivate everyone to continue being a part of the success.

The Solution

INVOLVE created ‘Successtival’; a festival type experience that brought to life a celebratory atmosphere and shaped an important theme for other business-content related experiences and sessions, such as:

  • "Insecurity Control" - Delegates had to answer a series of GSK related questions correctly in order to gain access to the event.

  • "VIP Tent" - This was a digital photo gallery of colleagues that had been recognised by their peers for outstanding work. Via iPads, colleagues could also add comments to the winners photos.

  • "Silent Disco" - All the attendees were handed headphones on arrival, giving them the choice and flexilibity to tune into certain presentations that ran concurrently.

The Results

The ‘Successtival’ was also used to support the launch of a new product, Relvar. The following year, Relvar outperformed all GSK respiratory products, with a 30% increase in new patients and consistent growth across the year.

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