“It was so refreshing to attend an event that was delivered in such an innovative way! It was really engaging and I learnt a lot - thank you.” Head of Marketing
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birthday for Axa PPP

With new innovations and a new strategic direction for the business, AXA PPP needed a new format for their Employee Briefing day that would align their employees around this change.

The Challenge

In the highly competitive world of healthcare, health insurance companies need to make sure they are pro-actively seeking new ways to improve their customer’s health with new innovative solutions, products and services.

The Solution

To mark their 75th anniversary and as a symbol to their changing company AXA PPP asked INVOLVE to design a brand new and creative 90 minute solution that would showcase their new innovation initiatives; whilst also keeping attendees energised, inspired and fully engaged. After hearing from their CEO for 15 minutes at the start of the session, attendees then revolved around 4 satellite stages in groups of circa 80. Each stage presented information in a 10 minute TED talk style presentation, with each stage using a different engagement technique. Each attendee was given a headset which was tuned in to hear the appropriate speaker at each satellite stage.

  • Stage 1- Health Tech & You; Through the aid of videos and a presenter, this section educated the audience on technology innovations, and what Health Tech & You initiative.

  • Stage 2 - Digital Innovation: Presenters showcased various digital products and services that have or will be introduced in the business.

  • Stage 3 - Telecare (Eldercare): This highlighted AXA PPP’s vision for care of an ageing population. Through the use of actors presenting different scenarios, the benefits and the technology of Telecare were introduced.

  • Stage 4 - Doctor@Hand: A large screen was used to show a news-bulletin style overview of this new technology. This session aimed to educate everyone on Doctor@hand and equip them with the tools to become product ambassadors.

The Results

The day proved to be success with an 84% positive response to the new format, and with 98% of respondents stating they now have a ‘better understanding of the business direction and future’ (a 3% increase from the previous year).

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