‘The Greg’ Journal, Day 5

29 July 2011 / by Ashley Freeman

Thursday 28th July, Day 5

An uncharacteristic slow start to ‘The Greg’s’ day today, mainly due to the effects of the previous evening’s “re-fueling.” Mandotory reaction testing by Mission Control meant that I wasn’t cleared for dispatch until later that afternoon, but I soon headed across the river to Westminster to visit Joni Wormall at the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Some very impressive results following Joni’s involvement of line managers in shaping a piece of comms – 98% of staff felt their manager was informative, trustworthy and easy to understand.

Some good news. The steed has been fixed and collected, and so next week takes ‘The Greg’ up to Birmingham and Manchester on Monday, and finishing off in Edinburgh and Darlington on Tuesday. Although bribes will not be accepted, if a leather kilt is presented to me on arrival, ‘The Greg’ will have no other option but to oblige.

This is ‘The Greg’….on the road again.