‘The Greg’ Journal, Day 1

23 July 2011 / by Ashley Freeman

Friday 22nd July, Day 1

Early start to check the bike was ready for a full-on week – petrol, oil, water, drive chain, electrics, rubber. Then, having established that the tank was empty & the tyres needed air, the first stop was the local BP!

Beautiful morning ride to Swindon, with the wind in my face and the sun on my back, to pick up the iPad from our first volunteer – Kate Shaw at Nationwide. Note to self, leathers are tight and lack serious ventilation in baking sun.

On the way back, I took the scenic route via Hungerford & Newbury, while waiting for Mission Control to hook me up with the next appointment. Soon enough, the message came through & I was on my way to central London to visit Samantha Children at QBE and Sarah Pellegrini at Rexam Plc, then back to the office for cocktails and debrief.

Day one complete, some excellent additions to the book, spirits are high. This is ‘The Greg,’ signing off….