The Five “I”s of Change

8 January 2014 / by Ashley Freeman

Change can be scary. Fear can stop many of us realising the change that could revolutionise our organisation and propel it forward. To truly implement change within your organisation, your team need to be excited, inspired and fully involved.

The most effective change programmes are usually implemented by following the five “I”s:




 Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”    George Bernard Shaw


 The power of visualisation, as the practice of using mental imagery and positive thinking to achieve goals and create change, cannot be overestimated as the first step of any change programme.

Visualise your new future together. When your team have a clear picture of the future, they are much more likely to contribute towards reaching that future.




 Intrigue. v. To engage in secret schemes

 The first step to involving your team in a change effort is to arouse their curiosity. Spark their intrigue about how that might happen, and the rewards it might bring. Intrigue will naturally grow into excitement around that change. They’ll start generating their own ideas and their own momentum for the work ahead.

Let them in on the secret…




Clearly make the case for change, making sure to present it in an inspiring and persuasive way.  Act as an example; a beacon of enthusiasm, passion and excitement about the changes ahead.

There are many creative and engaging ways of vision setting to get your team excited about change. An inspired team won’t just want to be part of the change, they’ll want to be the change.




 Involve your people in activating the change you want to see. Interesting and, more importantly, meaningful work towards a positive goal will challenge and vitalize your employees. While there is always an element of risk and uncertainty, engaged employees will thrive with the added responsibility and freedom.




 Change programmes strive for fundamental culture change at the core of your organisation. They are dependent on winning hearts and minds, and then paying close attention to the mindsets of your workforce as time goes on.

Implementing change is just the beginning. The real challenge is to sustain that change. Any victories can fade over time if continuous improvement and re-evaluation is not maintained and your approach is not integrated with your organisation’s wider goals and values.

One-to-one interactions and real authentic conversations are the key to staying on top of sustainable development and change. Why not try recruiting change ambassadors amongst your team to keep the momentum going?

This is not a one-size-fits-all blueprint for making a change within your organisation, but successful change programmes generally tend to follow these five steps.

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