Pride, Optimism And Employee Engagement

31 October 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

I’m proud to work here” B&Q Employee


Would your team say the same if you asked them?

With a little trust, autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit, you can create employees that are excited about their job and the company. Employees that – as our Managing Director Jeremy Starling puts it

“Create and contribute to the purpose of the company.”

A team member like this, who’s fully engaged and gives 100%, contributes directly to the success of the company and its bottom line. Experts predict that if the UK were to improve employee engagement levels to match countries like the Netherlands, our GDP would soar by a massive £25.8 billion!


Who Will Engage Them?


Like Jeremy says:

“It’s the leader’s job to sell the why and what, but then ask your people how?”

Entrusted with such responsibility, your team will usually come up trumps. By asking them and then acting on whatever ideas they come up with, you immediately give them a stake in the idea, and some ownership of it.

Pride, energy and optimism in the company and its future – these are the rewards that truly drive employee engagement.

Engagement, put simply, is measured by whether the goals of your employees are in line with those of the company. That is the true metric, anyway.

The question is, are your employees engaged to keep their jobs, or are they truly emotionally invested in the success of the company?

To make sure it is the latter, delegate the job of preaching the company purpose down the ranks by building passionate champions who can bring the company vision to life, face to face and through mediums like webcasting.


But What Will They Engage With?


The answer to that question is simple: a single, clearly defined, common goal. When B&Q asked us to help them with employee engagement, we built our event around the single, customer-focused goal of “helpfulness.” A common pride in the experience of the customer clearly translated into pride in their jobs.

Hiring the right people, with the right attitude, and doing the right things to empower and inspire them to excel is the true recipe for success in today’s business world. According to Jeremy, the impact of giving your team freedom and support in their work, and showing them that you value their contribution to the common goal, “resonates across the whole organization.”


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