Melcrum Digital Roadmap

2 April 2014 / by Ashley Freeman

We attended the Melcrum Digital Communication Summit today and tried something a little ambitious.

It’s always difficult as a delegate to capture all the key points from each of the presenters sessions (there were 9 presentations packed into 1 day), so we felt as a sponsor and exhibitor it was our responsibility to lend everyone an involving hand by developing a digital roadmap of all the key content.

Our team on site recorded the top 3 “Uploads” (business impact and ROI) and top 3 “Downloads” (blockers and barriers to success) from each case study presentation, and then turned them into and launched this interactive digital roadmap immediately at the end of the conference.

If you attended the Melcrum DCS hopefully this will help to “refresh” your memory, and if you didn’t attend then just go for the full “download”. Either which, sit back and treat yourself to a “cookie”!!!