The Role of Internal Communications (in 140 characters or less)

3 July 2013 / by Ashley Freeman

During our session at the recent Melcrum Live event, we asked teams to tweet their description of the role of IC, as an analogy.

In no order of preference, here’s an unedited list of what they came up with:

  • – Banana
  • – IC is like Viagra it engages people and ultimately leads to better performance!
  • – IC is the golden thread that holds the fabric of an organisation together
  • – In IC we have to be like a chameleon. Always adapting to the situation
  • – We’re the Master Chef of comms
  • – We’re the pit crew supporting everything, to make sure the companies going in the right direction
  • – IC is an iceberg – many orgs only want to see a tiny part of what we can do; there’s lots more underneath!
  • – Collaborative counseling coaching comms conduit (concise)
  • – We are flight attendants guiding, advising and reassuring our people
  • – We are the bluetac, stretched, pulled, making messages stick, bonding people, flexible shape changers
  • – Internal Comms is an evolving and changing profession – we are moving from creators to curators
  • – Hopefully IC not like a swan: all graceful elegance on the surface, but paddling like feck underneath 🙂
  • – The thread that stitches the business patchwork together
  • – We are the invisible glue that binds the business together.
  • – IC is the light at the end of the tunnel
  • – The grease and the glue
  • – The yellow brick road…it takes brains, heart and courage to follow it
  • – The grit in the oyster
  • – IC is a honeybee; focused, organised, connecting & delivering messages. Integral to all. Without us, nothing else works.


Send us a tweet if you can build on these @involve_uk.