A Quick Definition of Brand Engagement

6 October 2015 / by Ashley Freeman

How do we define brand engagement? In this quick-fire article, we’ll try and digest the main goal of our involvement programmes in a quick and easy to understand way.

When we define anything, we start with an arbitrary literal definition, which usually gives us a nice starting point. To ‘engage’, as defined by the Collins English Dictionary, is to involve a person or his attention, engross, occupy, to promise to do something, to participate or to draw into conversation.

All of these definitions can be applied to brand engagement. In fact they encapsulate it’s four main goals – to catch attention, initiate a conversation, and then engross the customer with your brand promise. Overall, then brand engagement is the process of forming an

Brand engagement is a measure of how consumers perceive your brand, how well you have communicated your brand, and whether the experience of your brand stands up to the promises it makes.

Does your customer experience deliver on your brand promises? Brand engagement starts from within. Let us help your team deliver your brand by living its values internally.