What’s In A Game? Gamification And Employee Engagement

4 February 2014 / by Ashley Freeman

Gamification is changing the very DNA of HR.”  

HR Zone

Should you make work a game to engage your employees?

 The “Gamification” of workplace systems is gathering hype as an effective tool for productivity, reward and recognition and employee engagement. Some have even argued that it is changing the fabric of human resources.

One report suggested that the principles of gamification could actually improve creativity, learning, participation and motivation.

The question is, does it work?


 What is “Gamification”?


Gamification, the use of game elements to promote desired behaviours among customers and employees

The Business Insider

 Gamification appeals to people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status and self-expression. It asks people to deal with situations in the workplace in the form of a game.

The way people play and interact in a game setting can tell leaders a lot about what makes them tick. This technique can be used in recruitment, as a way to select the candidate with the best leadership and problem solving skills, or as an engagement tool, to stimulate the workplace. It has even been deployed to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Gamification has been a popular strategy for decades, with employee of the month schemes and loyalty programs formerly the games of choice. But the digital age has propelled gamification to the forefront of employee engagement strategies. Much of what we do in the workplace now is conducted through software, apps and mobile devices, and so the opportunities for introducing motivating games into everyday proceedings are endless.


 Points Mean Prizes

Is your job a game? Should it be?”

Wall Street Journal

 Are you a competitive person?

Imagine your job performance was measured in points and rewarded in bonuses. Would the expectation of winning or the fear of losing make you a better employee?

That’s the clincher. Competition.

We all have that fire within us, and as we play a game we become more competitive, and thus more engaged. We feel a greater sense of accomplishment and are willing to go the extra mile for more points on the board.

Remember, fun is not an ugly word in the workplace – it can be a powerful tool for motivating, captivating and involving your team in common company goals and values.

Could gamification be the ultimate employee engagement tool?

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