The Blossometer; cultivating growth and impact

What should you measure to gauge the effectiveness of your communication programmes and activities? What’s the business impact you’re looking to create? How do you make it happen? …Just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when planning to drive business performance through engaging and communicating with your people. Introducing the ‘Blossometer’  – a free web-based KPI dashboard that we’ve developed to help ensure maximum effectiveness and business impact from your internal communications and engagement efforts. Using the ‘Blossometer’, you can bring together the 4 following measures in your own digital dashboard.

Business Impact – People Drivers – Activities – Effectiveness Indicators

What now? Follow the instructions below and give it a go!

Business Impact:

Discuss and select 3 priorities or areas where you can have greatest impact on the business e.g. increase sales. Ask your team to vote for the most important.

People Drivers:

Brainstorm and choose top 3 behaviours you can influence in order to make the above happen e.g. increase passion and pride


Brainstorm all the communications and engagement activities you could perform in order to influence your top 3 people drivers e.g. live event

Effectiveness Indicators:

Decide how you would gauge the effectiveness of your top activities e.g. high attendance What change does your dashboard advise to grow your business impact? What activities need to be tweaked? How can you use this data to demonstrate your departments value? Get in touch and have INVOLVE facilitate a session to get you set up with a dashboard customised for you and your business.